Life goals

... and why I get up every day

Year 2024

  • Write weekly reports for my open source work, just like a day job
  • Beat my marathon time / down to East Passyunk

Year 2023

  • Use neural programming to speed up drafts/letters/content I write and produce

Year 2022

  • Beat my marathon time
  • Tweet that I am no longer accepting new clients, waitlist

Year 2021

  • Acquire or launch a new business with my day job
  • Travel somewhere, anywhere
  • More YOLO
  • Keep my family healthy
  • Make an investing and retirement plan/checkpoint
  • Launch a new product that gets to USD 10k monthly gross profit within the first 12 months
  • Beat my marathon time / down to East Passyunk

Year 2020

  • Acquire or launch a new business with my day job
  • Travel to industry conferences to learn things

Year 2019

  • Leave the office before 6pm every day for a month
  • Change some diapers
  • Double reveunue with our boudoir photography business
  • Acquire or launch a new business with my day job

Year 2018

  • Launch and sell a cryptocurrency
  • Attend a conference or vendor show to promote our boudoir business

Year 2017

  • Buy a house

Year 2016

  • Build my photography business, make the team larger
  • Make more money in my day job
  • Get some level of notoriety with iOS projects I publish

Year 2015

  • Hold three more professional photo studio sessions and redo my entire portfolio
  • Start a new business from the ground up that makes money

Year 2014

  • Have traveled outside the US at least 5 times (Germany/Czech Republic; China; Japan; Canada; Taiwan)
  • Run a marathon (9h 55m)
  • Think about getting married (Aug 15)
  • Complete 4 SOA tests
  • Get on the board of a philanthropic organization that has been in existence for over 100 years

Year 2013


Year 2012

  • Learn to program iOS apps, release first app
  • Find a job that pays 30% more than I made during college.

Year 2011

  • Pass one CPA test

Year 2010

  • Meet or reacquaint with two people who have job that I want - Yu-Ching, Chris, Suchee
  • Make a list of one goal I want to accomplish everyday
  • Pass HSK Level 4
  • Pass SOA test FM/2

Year 2009

  • Move into my own place
  • Start reading books again
  • (Also of note: I passed the speaking Chinese "on the street" test)

Year 2008

Year 2007

  • Read more books and write reviews of them
  • Get a cool internship
  • Finish the JBN project
  • Learn about pools, restore mine, and throw first pool party
  • Sell sound equipment by year end
    note: this was completed on 2009-01-20
  • Type DVORAK without looking
  • Go to the gym 200 days consecutively
  • Get at least 0.5 hotter, according to HOT or NOT
  • Make plans to travel the world
  • Be much more productive and accountable to myself
  • Find a cool place to work when I graduate
  • Read 10 more books, publish as above
  • Write 3 letters to authors
  • Finish 3 courses in spoken Chinese