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William Entriken, M.Fin., M.B.A.

I love product management. Following are technology products I helped bring to market. Also, I have experience in business planning and acquisitions, and am active in researching several computer science topics.

Products Brought to Market

(A.k.a. my "Silicon Valley resume")

Pacific Medical Training 2013 — Current

We create interactive medical training courses. We are the only company in the world that provides accredited training for CPR and advanced life support courses completely online. Our business is made possible by continuous innovation in our proprietary web-based learning management, content management, and sales management systems.

I worked with the company's investors as a financial analyst / business analyst and we closed a deal to purchase this company from prior management. I am currently general manager and focus on growth through improving the product and opening new sales channels.

Technologies used
GitHub, Travis CI, OpenStack, LAMP, WordPress (PHP), Jekyll, Ruby
Team size
7 full-time and part-time staff, 8 contractors
Notable metrics
160,000 LOC project; 3 legacy systems refactored and combined with a git octopus merge; 7 courses deployed; 20,000+ physicians, nurses and paramedics on student roster

CDI Corporation / L.R Kimball & DSPCon 2010 — 2013

Designed an enterprise-wide budgeting and forecasting system, selected and managed contractors and remained accountable to users for a working system. Worked with corporate executives to get project sponsorship and support and rolled out implementation, unifying the planning process across all subsidiaries and business units. This involved detailed requirements gathering from users across the globe and communications with users who would be replacing their current, local business processes. CDI works in the technology outsourcing and staffing industries. My role was product lead, requirements engineer and programmer.

Technologies used
IBM Cognos Planning, Oracle 10i, Excel
Team size
1 project lead/designer, 3 developers, 10 acceptance testers, 100 end users
Notable metrics
80 "systems" replaced with the new product; 24+ server hours needed for each model change (parallelized with 3 servers); $1 billion in revenue budgeted using this system
Relevant links
Positive project review on LinkedIn

Management Resources International 2012

Managed migration and consolidation of management reporting systems. Worked in data warehouse with Oracle to transform and connect separate systems. My role was to lead the project initiation, the requirements process and user acceptance testing to ensure product is delivered as expected.

Technologies used
IBM Cognos Report Studio, SAP Crystal Reports, Oracle 10i, Excel
Team size
1 project lead/designer, 4 developers
Notable metrics
24 new reports created from disparate business requirements, XXX development hours logged to the project, live data consolidation from 3 separate systems
Relevant links
Positive project review on LinkedIn

Discovery Semiconductors 2008 — 2010

Researched and planned a project for transforming this semiconductor component manufacturer up the value chain into a sub-system and systems company in the telecommunication industry. This was an 8-figure capital/debt infusion and business expansion and involved many practical matters such as, site-selection and tax planning, market planning and product design with engineers, and joint-venture planning. My role was financial analyst and I performed internally what is commonly done externally by an investment banker.

CISCO 10Gbps Networking System 2009 — 2010

Designed, selected vendors for and built 10 GBit/s optical communication network. The end product was a network laboratory for running Ethernet and SONET services over Discovery products integrated with CISCO networks. Challenges included limited parts availability and vendors without integration experience. This was overcome by reading CISCO network design documentation and using the CISCO administrator forums. Efforts included selecting components, validating the lab design and assembling the products when they arrived, from wire splicing all the way to programming. The end result was a proving ground for selling Discovery products for advanced engineering applications.

Technologies used
SONET, OC-192, CISCO 15000 ONS Platform, EXFO Test Equipment
Team size
3 engineers, 3 vendors
Notable metrics
10 Gbps network (transfer a full DVD in 30 seconds over hundreds of kilometers), total system retail value over $400k
Relevant links
Discovery Semiconductor's 10G system
CISCO ONS products

Naval Ship System Code Auditing and Test Cases 2002 — 2004

Wrote and performed engineering test cases on ship networking and sensor systems. Used test case results to fix embedded software. Challenges included learning ADA, a specialized cousin of C for high-availability systems. To aid in this, I created a code documentation tool for ADA to track functions and code paths and aid in auditability. Worked on software which is now deployed on USS Ticonderoga class warships. All information here is public and does not disclose secret Navy technology. Comments in the HTML source show Navy publications disclosing all the capabilities discussed here.

Technologies used
VMEbus, ADA, C, DOS Batch, Perl
Team size
12 engineers, 1 engineering apprentice
Notable metrics
Over a million lines of code per ship. Each ship in the fleet has its own custom code base
Relevant links
NAVSEA Philadelphia

SEPTA Rail Scheduling Collaboration 2008 — Current

Collected historical rail on-time performance data for SEPTA's system of rail service over a period of 6 years. Performed statistical analysis of rail performance and created proposed schedule modifications for trains which have been consistently late. Results presented to SEPTA's service planning and rail operations group and used as part of their scheduling process.

Technologies used
PHP, MySQL, Excel
Team size
1 project lead / programmer
Notable metrics
1,000s of Philadelphians are riding trains each day with these affected schedule changes and are saving 1-5 minutes off their transit time
Media coverage
NBC Philadelphia
Metro Magazine
Technically Philly
The Transit Wire
The Temple News (in progress)

Security Auditing for Online Financial Systems 2008 — 2010

Led collaboration with the FBI, FINRA, SEC, and investment banks to identify and resolve security holes allowing unauthorized access to retail investors’ accounts. Other non-financial security issues are noted below and I am continually working to find and resolve these types of problems in various industries.

Technologies used
Web browser, telephone
Team size
1 business lead/analyst
Notable metrics
Over one million investors were vulnerable to other people making fraudulent transactions on their behalf... and they'll never know
Relevant links
Security case study: Hole in SMS spam websites allows charges to arbitrary mobile numbers
LinkedIn privacy case study: Stealing private data from your address book
TD Ameritrade privacy case study: Selling your position information to a third party

MRI Producer Study 2009

Lead analysis of operational best practices including surveys, interviews and psychological profiles of hundreds of top employees at an network of recruiting firms. Created comprehensive report with widespread distribution and presentation at global conferences. My role was project initiator, lead analyst and editor.

Technologies used
Excel, Zoomerang
Team size
1 lead analyst/editor, 30 content contributors
Notable metrics
400 survey participants, 300 independently-owned offices involved
MRINetwork 2010 Pacesetter international convention

Civic Projects

Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, PA

On the government affairs committee board

Philadelphia Traffic Court Public Access File

Philadelphia Traffic Court made national headlines throughout 2014 as its offices were raided by the FBI and 9 current and former judges face indictments[1] on 77 counts. I successfully sued the Philadelphia government to make public their entire database of traffic violations.

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